Children & Young People



I have many years experience of working with children and young people.  If you are reading this page, you perhaps have a child in your life that you feel needs some additional support to deal with a difficult life situation (trauma, loss, parent’s divorce, bullying etc) and/or you are hoping to provide a regular space for them to build confidence in being themselves.  If a child is struggling at school and/or home, art therapy may offer an opportunity to explore what is going on without fear of failure of judgement.

If you would like your child to try out some art therapy for any number of reasons, I would usually request to meet with parent/s and/or carers first to discuss the background to the referral. After that we may agree an initial assessment with your child, followed by a further series of approx 6 sessions. At this point I have found an informal review is useful to ensure your child is benefitting from the process. If necessary, or requested, I can liaise with schools, social work, or any other relevant support in your child’s life.

I do also undertake work for organisations who may wish to pay for an art therapist to work with young clients who access their services.  Please contact me via email to discuss further.

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